After reading about the potential benefits of iodine and xylitol nasal and oral solutions during the COVID 19 outbreak, I have been working on the formulation of an iodine and xylitol nasal/sinus rinse, and have tentatively named it Sinudine. Iodine and xylitol have been shown to substantially reduce populations of the types of viruses and bacteria that cause infections. The hope is that using this type of rinse will help to reduce the ability of someone to catch an infection, limit the ability to transmit infection to others and help get over a nasal or sinus infection more easily. We found that existing recommended formulations of iodine rinses led to unpleasant burning sensation in some patients, so xylitol was added for additional cleansing effect as well as improved tolerance, along with the soothing effect of aloe vera liquid.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, my colleagues in Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (a.k.a. ENT physicians) have instituted more than a dozen studies looking at iodine and xylitol rinses for the nose or mouth and are optimistic that a solution like this will be helpful in the current pandemic. Iodine and xylitol already have shown proven antiseptic benefits in the reduction of viruses and bacteria that cause infections in previous research (see Background, below). Since it could take up to a year or more for studies to be reported, or a commercial product to be made available, we are offering a recipe for our patients to be able to make up a solution for themselves using specific recommended ingredients for Sinudine nasal rinse, which can also be used as a gargle.


Since this solution takes effect immediately, it would be best used just after an exposure to a potential infection, such as someone coughing or sneezing nearby, or after unknown risk public exposure during an outbreak. Since it may decrease the risk of an asymptomatic carrier from spreading an infection to others, the solution could be used prior to visiting someone with higher risk medical conditions, such as elderly parents or a resident in a nursing home. Additionally, decreasing of the amount of virus or bacteria on the surface of the nose or throat may decrease the severity of an infection and help your body fight it off, so using this when you have caught an cold, flu or sinus infection may help you get over it easier.


Do not use if allergic to iodine, if pregnant or breastfeeding, in children under age 6, if taking lithium or if you have a history of thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s, Graves) or thyroid disorder.

How to Get It

As this is a new treatment method, we will like to meet with you either virtually by telephone, or in clinic, to discuss the use of Sinudine, screen for any conditions that may affect its usage and help answer any related COVID-19 questions. You will then receive instructions on ordering the ingredients and preparing your solution. We will also be enthusiastically monitoring your feedback. Please contact us at 540-283-6023, or through our patient portal at to arrange a time together.

Best regards,
Gregory C. Zachmann, M.D.
Sinus and Allergy Center of Excellence
Jefferson Surgical Clinic

Sinudine Background: For more details on the effects of iodine and xylitol, click here.

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