If you have a condition such as cancer or kidney failure that requires frequent administrations of medication or regular blood draws, your physician may recommend a port placement.


A port is a medical device that gives your physician easy access to your venous system. Typically, the port will be implanted underneath the skin on your chest.

The main part of the port, called the septum, is less than a square inch in size. This is the area into which your medical team from the Jefferson Surgical Interventional Center in Roanoke, Virginia will administer medication and from which they will draw blood.

The septum is attached to a small, flexible tube called a catheter, which is connected to a vein and provides direct access to your bloodstream for blood draws and medication delivery.

Has your physician has ordered a port for you? Have it placed here at the Interventional Center in Roanoke. Our minimally invasive surgery team uses the smallest incision and imaging technology to ensure the port is placed correctly and gives you the fastest recovery time possible.

To request an appointment for port placement today, call the Interventional Center directly at 540-777-5454.

Why do I need Port Placement?
You have a condition which requires your care team to administer intravenous medication or draw blood on a frequent basis. The port allows them to do so without starting an IV each time.
How do I prepare for Port Placement?
What happens before Port Placement?
What happens during Port Placement?
What happens after Port Placement?

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