Arteriogram / Angiogram

An Arteriogram or Angiogram is an x-ray examination of the inside of your blood vessels or arteries. During your Arteriogram or Angiogram, we’ll place a small tube called a catheter into a blood vessel in your groin or arm, inject x-ray dye or contrast into the catheter, and take pictures of the blood vessels of interest. A specially trained doctor, known as an interventional radiologist, will perform this procedure.

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Why do I need an Arteriogram or Angiogram?
You may have symptoms that suggest a narrowing or blockage of a blood vessel.

You may have an area of a blood vessel that has ballooned out. This is called an aneurysm.

You may have malformation of blood vessels or problems that are not able to be detected by other tests.

An Arteriogram or Angiogram is sometimes used to provide a roadmap of your blood vessels, so that your doctor can plan the best type of treatment for you.
How do I prepare for an Arteriogram or Angiogram?
What happens before an Arteriogram or Angiogram?
What happens during the Arteriogram or Angiogram?
What happens after the Arteriogram or Angiogram?

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